Monday, June 22, 2009

Reality Show Pitch #1

Show Title: "Boys In Dresses"
Alternate Titles: "Boy Plus Dress," "He's A Doll," "Keeping Up With Boys In Dresses"

Show Description: Boys will be boys... unless they be girls! Welcome to the zany world of "Boys In Dresses," coming to Bravo this fall (we hope!!!)

The show will be a docudrama style reality show following three separate groups of boys who love wearing dresses. I've already got one group assembled, right here on Long Island (my sons!!) and it shouldn't be too hard to assemble the other two groups, especially if I troll the Willful Parents Of Crossdressers message boards.

The producers of the show (me and my brother, Tim) will choose various fun activities that the boys in dresses can do for each episode.

Sample Episodes Could Include:

•Boys in dresses... go bowling!
•Boys in dresses... go on dates with friends and their moms!
•Boys in dresses... go to Texas!! LOL
•Boys in dresses... read mommy the newspaper while she shaves her legs
•Girls In Pants?!

Key Demographic: Have you ever come home after a bitter night of drinking alone to find your son asleep in your bed, wearing one of your outfits? Have you ever made that same son go to school the next day in the same dress? Then you're our key demo. Also, if you're not freaked out at the sight of parents forcing their sons to wear dresses, we'd love ta have ya' watch as well!

In Conclusion: This is a great show.

Thanks for your time!

Barbara Englehart aka Lukas Kaiser

If you want to buy the show, you can call me at 555-333-8000!!

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