Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Letter To The People Reading My Email, June 23rd, 2009

More letters to the dude (or dudes (or chick (or chicks!))) who may or may not be reading my email:

Wow, so Jon and Kate are getting divorced? Oh... hey there, as well.

Nothing really fresh in my email today, huh? Lotta band spam. You're not too interested in that stuff. You're less into music than into, say, reading other people's emails. That's more your "bag." If someone was to paint your portrait, the painting would be you, with your back to the viewer, looking at my emails. Right? RIGHT?!!!!!

It was a keylogger, wasn't it! You had one installed at that Frogurt/Internet Cafe place where I checked my email, once, like three years ago. Wow, you really soldier on. I would've given up already. I mean, doing something, day in, day out, that is entirely fruitless. It bares no fruit. Absolutely nothing. (War, huh! Good God Yall! heh... wait you don't listen to music, never mind)

So, what do you think about this Perez Hilton vs. Will.i.am thing?!

FUCK YOU. Stop reading my email.

I miss you.

Love Lukas Kaiser

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