Monday, November 10, 2008

Breaded, Deep Fried Bacon

Sounds fucking awful. Bacon needs room to breathe! This is unnatural. This is...ungodly.

You sick, sick fucks.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Thing's First

I'm sitting on the steps of the 34th street post office, writing on my blog. Myyyy bloggggg.

Whack, right?


I've kept up, posted, worked for and wrote for various blogs (and still am writing and working on several), but I've never kept up a personal, journal style site before.

This, right here, is the first. Hopefully it'll be the last. I don't need an excuse to write this (fuck you, TI said I can do whatever I like) but I have one. I live in New York. A lot of fun, funny, interesting and/or weird shit happens to me on a daily basis. I try to tell all my friends about the various weird things I see (or, let's be real, do).

That's a lot of effort. Instead, I'm gonna post that shit here.

The End

PS Obama